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Story So Far: Rise of the Phoenix, a Song of Ice and Fire campaign.

Chapter I “Awakenings and arrivals”
In that adventure the comatose son of Lord Blackstone wakes up as his brother sets foot at the port after two years stuck in the old world after the Blackstone fleet was destroyed and fled in mysterious circumstances.

Both brothers reunite but learn that their father has been slipping into dementia after the bad luck of past years. He has fallen into the influence of “Lord” Arron a plant from old enemies the House of Corbray.

They start making plan to regain control of the river and charge tithes for improving the infrastructure of Blackgate. (dropping rocks on passing ships who refuse)
We see the old camaraderie of the brothers and sisters when a dinner becomes playful and slightly chaotic. (peas can be dangerous weapons)

The brothers take to calling “lord” Arron simple Arron. After a few days (after warning his younger brother Zander to be patient) Thomas finally throws Arron over the wall into the water below with a message to Corbray, “The wedding between Anya Blackstone and Lucas Corbray will never happen and the Gate stands proud once again”.



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